frequently asked questions

Q. How does the Personal Chef service work?

A. As your personal chef I will prepare meals that will quench your desires in health, nutrition and taste. Together, we will meet to discuss what your food preferences and dietary restrictions are, and how often you will require my services.

After our meeting I will create a menu based on your likes and dislikes, while assuring the recipes also cater to your dietary needs. You are welcome to peruse my "sample menu" section on my website and choose items that appeal to you or provide me with some that you have and already love, and I will create what you desire.

Q. Where will you be preparing the meals?

A. I will either come to your home and prepare the meals for you there or prepare them in my kitchen and drop them off packaged at your house complete with heating instructions. If I am to cook in your home, I will arrive at your home on the agreed upon date after doing the grocery shopping for the meals to be prepared. We will discuss arrangements ahead of time if you are not going to be home when I arrive and am working in your kitchen. I will prepare your meals in your kitchen and leave the kitchen clean when I leave. I will also package your food and label it along with heating instructions and store it in your refrigerator or freezer. If desired, I would be happy to stay and serve your meal(s) as well.

Q. What equipment will I need for you to cook in my kitchen?

A. After our first consultation, I would like to visit your kitchen to familiarize myself with my workspace and note what I will need to bring and what you already have.

Q. How long will you be cooking for?

A. This all depends on the services you require. If you are requesting meals prepared for several days, I may be working for a number of hours depending on the compexity of the items chosen.

Once we discuss your needs and wants, I can give you an estimate as to the approximate amount of time I will be cooking for.

Q. What exactly is vegan?

A. Vegan means that there are no animal products at all in the food prepared for you. It is vegetarian, plus one step extra. And this means...

x No Dairy...
x No Eggs...
x No Honey...
Nothing at all from an animal!

Q. What is macrobiotic?

A. The macrobiotic diet includes unprocessed vegan foods, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables in specific proportions, and allows the occasional consumption of fish.

Sugar and refined oils are avoided.

In a macrobiotic diet, foods that grow naturally in one's climate should be the mainstay of one's diet.

Q. Will you prepare meals for my children?

A. I can absolutely prepare meals for children. We'll discuss the types of foods your kids really enjoy eating, and I will create the healthier, more flavorful vegan alternative! You may be suprised to find that your kids will love eating vegan- without even knowing it!

Q. How much does the personal chef service cost?

A.My rate includes shopping, planning, menu development, prepping, cooking, and cleanup time and varies on your needs.

For clients who choose to employ my services on a weekly or monthly basis, please contact me to discuss options and plans.

Once we have agreed upon a menu and what you desire, I will hand over an hourly and grocery estimate. Minor adjustments will be reflected in the final bill.

Q. When do I pay?

A. If I am cooking for you for one night, then I will bill you the night of the event and would appreciate payment the same night.

If I am preparing multiple meals for you for a number of days, I would appreciate payment upon the day I leave the food packaged at your home.

And, if you have really enjoyed my services, tips are always appreciated!