personal chef services

Catering to you is my passion and livelihood! I understand the demands life has on us and the lack of time and/or resources we have to nourish ourselves... this is what I am here for. Whether you are looking for a personal chef to prepare your meals for you at your house or have them prepared, packaged, and dropped off, we can accomodate your wishes.

Our initial complementary consultation will include an hour session of Q&A so I can assess what you need and are looking for. With your help, we will plan a menu that suits your lifestyle and desires. We will come up with a plan that works best for you and I will prepare some sample menus for you to choose from and then approve. From there, I take care of the shopping for all ingredients, preparing the food, cleaning up, and leaving the food neatly packaged with heating instructions.

If you are looking to hire a chef for a dinner or cocktail party, we can accomodate that service as well. We will have a meeting either in person, over the telephone or via email to discuss what you require for the party. Please contact me at least two weeks prior to the date of the party so we will have ample time to prepare everything you will need and want. The earlier you contact me, the better the chances will be that we will be available to cater to you.

Feel free to contact me via email or telephone with any questions you may have of my services or to set up your initial consultation with me.